Cotswold Marquee Venues launch

DATE: 23 November, 2016

With a shortage of venues offering marquee locations in the Cotswolds, it’s about time that there was something out there for Brides and Grooms to book. Golden Pineapple Hospitality are constantly on the search for beautiful private houses for couples to call home for the weekend where they can also host their wedding. Already our search has gone pretty well as we are able to offer the stunning venues Norton Hall and Dryhill which are ready to book now! (see our Cotswold Marquee Venues page)

Not everyone has a large enough or flat enough lawn at home for a marquee, so this is where our marquee venues, Norton Hall and Dryhill can help. A marquee at home can also come with a lot of work and the need to re-do the garden and paint the house to ensure everywhere is looking top-notch for the big day. Our venues are immaculate and ready to go. With an Event Manager and Marquee with all the trimmings included in the price, booking our marquee venues takes away the hassle so you can enjoy the day with your nearest and dearest!


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