HELP! I need someone to be my eyes and ears whilst I enjoy my marquee event at home!

DATE: 11 May, 2017

·         Have you taken the plunge and decided to have your marquee wedding or event at home in the Cotswolds?

·         Are you creative and organised and want to take on the challenge of organising your event yourself and not feeling the need for an Event Planner?

·         Are you concerned that you will not have the time to ensure that the day is running to schedule, to check that all your guests have a full glass in their hand, to show the band where to park and set up and to make the call to get the generator working again?

·         Has the panic set in that you may have missed something crucial or over looked the finer detail?

If you answered yes to some or all the above, maybe it is time to call on Golden Pineapple Hospitality!

We specialise in the Event Management and logistics of marquee events at homes across the Cotswolds. It may be that you don’t want to or don’t feel you need to splash out on a full Wedding or Event planner. After all, the challenge of organising your own event and putting your personal stamp on it can be an exciting one.

However, sometimes it can all become a little too much and you may feel a bit swamped. How about calling us in with our trusty check list to walk through every step of your event to re-assure you that you have done a great job!? We may even have some ideas that could enhance your event that you hadn’t considered to make life easier.

We also have a carefully put together list of local suppliers that we have worked with on numerous occasions and we would be happy to share with you. It is quite likely that we know the right ‘man (or lady!) for the job!’

Otherwise, if you would just really like to enjoy your event without your numerous suppliers nagging you throughout the day, how about you leave this to us to take control? We will ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time, that your guests have everything they could possibly need, be the contact that gets asked a million questions throughout the day, clear up that red wine spillage and even sort out the loo’s if we need to!!! All of this and you won’t even know about it.

We offer a range of services and tailor them to your needs. Why not give us a call on 07816203766 or pop us an email, info@goldenpineapplehospitality.co.uk to chat through how we can support you with your special day.

Head to our website for more information on our Marquee Consultancy Service.


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